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About gocial

Some while ago I was heavily using services like buffer, zapier and ifttt to automatically share interesting articles on social media. Nowadays I mostly use Twitter and LinkedIn to stay in touch with (ex-)colleagues and people I find interesting.

All sharing services had great functionalities (e.g. automated workflows) but you're always limited in the number of shares you can distribute within a time frame without paying for the premium account. At the same time they all lacked support for sharing via LinkedIn. I had a brief look at the LinkedIn API documentation and decided I'll implement my own service using Golang for the backend.


This service definitely cannot compete with the commercial ones but I learned a lot how to design such a software project using Domain-Driven Design and Hexgonal Architecture. The application will share URLs/articles via a web interface to Twitter and LinkedIn. Nothing is stored server-side and stateless authentication via JWT tokens (stored as cookies) is used to authenticate the requests. In the near future I plan to add RSS feeds for Twitter timelines and LinkedIn network activities.